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The modern world has a high demand in terms of purchasing products of all types, whether we talk about electronics, apparel, appliances, and more. Here, the mechanism involved in shipping and related processes includes several other processes such as warehouse management, selection of logistic partners, assignment of the task, fleet selection, and more. 

The entire process of fleet management is quite important when it comes to making timely deliveries in less time frame, price, and environmental influences. Here, in this guide, we are going to provide you with detailed insights into freight transport management that results in increased efficiency, reduced prices, and high profitability.

What is Dispatch Software?

Dispatch software is said to be the tool that effectively manages the fleet movement including processes like assigning drivers to different jobs and others. This program is also used to ensure that the drivers are not falling behind while on the assignment, and will reach their destination in the given timeframe. A high-quality software solution must help you to automate the routing as well as the scheduling for drivers and provide the easiest method for the dispatchers to create the most efficient routes as well as deliveries.

These days’ fleet tends to look for a better dispatch software that mixes with the telematics devices that tend to feed the truck’s locations into a desktop or software dashboard. Some software and devices are only known to track and transmit the GPS or real-time location. Whereas, others can provide additional useful insights like vehicle maintenance, engine repairs, fuel usage, and security-related data.

Why Dispatch Software Is Important?

One of the major reasons here is to use a dispatch truck app is the ease of use. You can easily narrow down your workforce for the most compatible technicians you have hired. Truck Routing Software also gives your dispatcher the power to optimize the delivery schedules. Rather than leaving the technical team sitting idle, the dispatcher can move work and operate the order to make space for other orders.

You can route a technician and others in the processes as well. With dispatch software, you can optimize everything accordingly to save your time in an efficient manner. Extra time means Extra profits in terms of service. 

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Business That Can Use Dispatch Software?

Well, the dispatchers must use it, along with the different sizes of businesses. When talking about small to medium business owners, the right dispatch software can provide you with a new start. You can easily manage your workforce to increase your productivity. Whereas, for some, it may involve taking the dispatching out of the hands of the technicians and delivering to the customer. For those, enterprise-level field service management and businesses, having a lot of employees can be quite challenging. This is simply because whiteboards, emails, and calendars can be quite overwhelming for a large-size business that has countless employees to manage.

Benefits of Dispatch Software

End-to-end transportation management: The truck app gives you and your fleets with the complete insights into the entire journey of the driver. With such technical insights, you can identify the issues throughout the route. Also, you can easily manage, upgrade, and optimize routes to decrease delivery timeframes to delivery drop-offs or even the job sites.

Flexibility as you grow your Fleet: The right dispatch software is quite scalable and can be customized easily. In addition to this, you can adjust your fleet according to needs and other requirements. As your company grows, the dispatch software makes it quite easy to continue ensuring the same quality in terms of customer service as well as the team’s efficiency.

Improved Customer SatisfactionOutstanding customer service is very important for fleets to not only build a sound relationship with the customers but also attract new customers too. For many fleets, improving the same. This however comes down to making sure that your drivers and other staff arrive at the desired location or at work on time. Having the right dispatch management software, your operator can easily identify and plan the most accurate route for the drivers to be on time. 

Reduced back Office Workloads: Your dispatch management system tends to provide you with the effective track of the driver location, process execution by eliminating the requirements of your staff to manually work through the processes such as calling the drivers manually for the locations and delivery statuses. In case your dispatch program offers a real-time GPS tracker, your work will be much easier as you can track your fleet from anywhere at any point in time and make fuel tax reports easily. 

Adapt to Changing Conditions: Well, several conditions can be a hurdle in your process- from last-minute received orders to the traffic or bad climate- it can just be anything. The right dispatch software allows you to easily update as well as change the routes concerning the changing conditions- so that you can be on time.

Features of dispatch management software

  • Real-time GPS tracking: The software provides breadcrumbs GPS Tracking system rather than real-time GPS Tracking which makes it problematic for the operator or the fleet manager to respond timely to the new work orders along with the service-related calls that can suffer due to the same. Make sure you have the right software that offers real-time GPS tracking to increase your productivity in the best way possible.
  • Mobile Apps for Drivers: With the right dispatch trucking program, your drivers can easily see where exactly they need to be within the given timeframe. Any delivery-related updates such as routes changed or jobs assigned are instantly updated in the application to maintain a professional workflow. Additionally, your drivers can also use the application to go through various inspections related to taxes and more.
  • Scheduling: The best dispatch software allows you to accomplish your task successfully by creating a concrete plan. Scheduling your fleet management includes various factors like procurement of products, warehouse facilities, mode of transport, and much more. It also allows you to consider various parameters related to costs, time, and processes involved in the project. Accounting: This is one of the most powerful features that let you request the deposits for your fleet, add discounts, set up the payment-related schedules, and even automate the late payment notifications. The right dispatch software allows you to manage all your accounts efficiently without worrying about payments or bookkeeping.
  • IFTA Services: Using a dispatch software is a great way to track all the details of your truck or fleet business. It provides you with a cloud-based platform where you can access it from any location with an internet-based gadget. The right solution is highly focused on tracking all the information that you may require for an extremely accurate IFTA Reporting submission.
  • Fleet Management: The main advantage of a robust yet efficient dispatch solution helps you with managing your fleet in the right and required manner. From dispatching the goods to the delivery, with the right solution you can easily streamline your operations to enhance customer satisfaction. You can also manage fleet maintenance schedules, driver, speed, routes, and much more to make sure you follow all the rules and regulations implemented by the authorities.