Role of the Trucking Dispatch Software in the Trucking Industry | Green Fleets

Managing a truck dispatch company can be a very complex affair. You have to manage load details, load type as well as is required to assign the right driver to the truck, generate invoices, and ensure driver trip settlement, etc. This can be very hectic if you decide to do it manually. There is a lot of software available in the market to do this particular job for you. You can keep track of all the trip-related details with trucking dispatch software. Trucking dispatch software is a single-step solution for most of the problems in the trucking business. Here are discussed a few of the benefits provided by the trucking dispatch software. Trucking dispatch software creates your full truck load (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) dispatches in literally no time.

There are so many things a trucking dispatch software can do for a trucking company. Below are highlighted a few of them.

Manage Dispatch

It can smartly add many small loads to a single load with multiple stops or a full load to a single transit. This is very helpful in dealing with multiple clients.

Managing Assignments

Trucking dispatch software can dispatch load in just a few minutes by entering the shipment details, pickup and drop off locations, date, time and finally assigning the driver to the truck. The assigned driver will receive the notification right away with the details of the assigned load and truck. Therefore, it removes the need to manually assign the dispatch.

“There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive” –B.C. Forbes 

Route Management

Trucking dispatch software not only finds you the best available route but also helps you calculate the total distance covered and provides you the correct ETA. Route planners by the software can add stops to your trip for example where to refuel, rest, or pick up the additional load. This will reduce the wastage of time and saves a ton of fuel.

Real Time Tracking and Sending Feedback

Dispatch Trucking Software app keeps sending the last location of the truck to the base and provides the real-time data to share with the clients. Therefore, the customers know exactly where their load is and the estimated time of arrival of the delivery. This will help the base to track the diver whether he is following the required route or wasting time on a different one. Customers are the most happy ones with the continuous updates regarding their delivery.

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Manage Paperwork

Trucking dispatch software digitally assigned jobs, generate invoices, calculate the working hours of the drivers and printed bills of landings, etc. Therefore, it saves a lot of manual paperwork for the company. The trucking software compiles the trip sheet and generates a closing statement, hence speeding up the whole process. It also receives and sorts out the bill payments and trip expenses. So you don’t have to write any of these entries manually. Whenever you need it, the software can generate the desired statement for you.


The trucking dispatch software can help you make a customized URL for your company, where you can add different users for different sorts of work. Each of the users have accessibility to the specific work, related to their designation. It can create an account for each staff member. For example, a manager can have complete access while a driver can have only access to the dispatch oriented features.

Satisfied Customers

Without the trucking office software, trucking companies have to do everything manually, which is very time consuming and sometimes not accurate enough for ensuring the client’s satisfaction. You have to rely on the information provided by the drivers. But with the integration of trucking dispatch software in your company, everything becomes very easy. Now the clients can track their shipment and have exact ETA for their delivery of goods. A customer always cares about the whereabouts of their shipment. Therefore this software helps the company in a big way to provide the best services to their clients. As you can see there are tremendous benefits of a trucking dispatch software. That’s why most trucking companies try to use the latest software available in the market, just to keep them self ahead of the competition.